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One hundred years ago on April 2, 1917, President Wilson addressed Congress with his speech, “America’s Purpose in the War.”

For all of you history buffs out there, did you wonder as I did what it was like for an ordinary American to live in this era?

Luckily, many years after my father died, I found boxes and boxes in my basement with diaries, letters, pictures, and memorabilia from my grandparents, Marian and Howard Rainey. I never knew my grandparents well growing up since they lived in Hudson, New York and we lived in St. Louis, MO but I craved to know more about my very small family. I never had any cousins or aunts or uncles to reminisce about the “old days” with.

After reading my grandmother’s diaries I was inspired to carefully transcribe them onto my computer to see if I would want to share them with others like me who are curious about their past.

The result, is my book which chronicles the very different lives of my grandparents inserted in chronological order. The contrast is stark.

I hope to enrich your lives through the positive spirit in my family and sense of hope for the future.

More to follow soon.


Thanks, Kathy

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  1. admin Post author

    Did anyone see the series on PBS last night April 10, 2017 on The Great War? The series mentioned the song/poem that is in my book, “I Didn’t Raise My Son to Be a Soldier” on page 45. It was an anti-war song written by Lyricist Alfred Byron in 1915 which helped solidify the anti-war movement on the national stage. The irony of war was between different mothers’ sons killing each other and that victory was not enough to console any mother for the loss of her son.
    My great grandmother lost two sons in infancy and the thought of losing another son in the Great War was unfathomable.
    Do you see yourself as part of the anti-war movement for World War I?


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