PBS World War I Series

Did anyone see the first part of the series on PBS last night April 10, 2017 on The Great War? The series mentioned the song/poem that is in my book, “I Didn’t Raise My Son to Be a Soldier” on page 45. It was an anti-war song written by Lyricist Alfred Byron in 1915 which helped solidify the anti-war movement on the national stage. The irony of war was between different mothers’ sons killing each other and that victory was not enough to console any mother for the loss of her son.
My great grandmother lost two sons in infancy and the thought of losing another son in the Great War was unfathomable.
Do you see yourself as part of the anti-war movement for World War I? President Wilson ran for a second term “To Keep us Out of War.”
Also in the first part of the series was the poem by the soldier Alan Seeger on page 48 of my book “I Have a Rendezvous with Death.” Seeger volunteered with the French Foreign Legion in 1914 before America entered the war. Alan Seeger was the uncle of the American folk singer Pete Seeger. Would Seeger survive? You will have to read my book to find out more!

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