Introducing the 100 year old memoirs of an English teacher and an ambulance drive who broke the stereotypes of their era.

My grandmother, Marian, had a dream. She wanted to go to college and have a career. Women of this era didn’t usually work after they got married. But, Marian thought she could do it all. She felt often misunderstood and unsure of her dreams if they would be possible. Money was tight in her family. She chose to write in her diaries to express her deepest thoughts and wrote about her hopes for her future.

Marian wanted to go to a college that several very important women in her life attended known as Mount Holyoke College. Several very special people in her life attended Mount Holyoke in 1863 and 1835: her grandmother for one year, Myra Smith, and her grandmother’s aunt, Mary Smith. Marian held the college in such high regard.

How could Marian fulfill her dream? If she could get accepted how could her family afford the tuition?

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